Products and Services

Our car parks have been designed and developed with your motoring needs in mind, from basic security to new green initiatives for drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Read on to see how Interparking products and services are improving the car parking experience of drivers across Europe.

         Fexible payment options from Interparking

Whether you’re sightseeing in Paris or shopping in Brussels, our car parks provide secure and clean facilities for one-off or occasional parking. However, for our regular customers, we’ve designed P Cards to offer a more flexible payment option.

P Cards allow you to enter and exit Interparking and Contipark car parks without making a payment. All fees are settled in a single direct debit invoice at the end of the month, or by a credit card payment.


Interparking products and services also aim to help businesses and retailers better serve their customers. Parking vouchers for Interparking car parks allow business owners to offer shoppers or clients free or discounted parking.

         Other Interparking products and services

The products and services offered at Interparking car parks vary between countries. But motorists will always receive high quality parking from our facilities, wherever they are.

You can expect a clean and safe parking environment with 24-hour manned security. Some car parks also offer charging points for electric cars, and we’re investing in environmentally-friendly products and services for the future. 

Check your country’s Interparking page (Contipark for Germany and Austria) to find out what products and services are offered near you.