History of Interparking

Founded in Belgium over 57 years ago, Interparking now operates in nine countries across Europe. Over the past five decades, we’ve grown to become one of the continent’s leading car park facility providers and we have you – our customers – to thank for our success.  

In the last 10 years, the number of parking locations has risen sharply. The number of parking spaces has doubled to 316,116 in 2014 

     Five decades of top quality car parks in Europe

Interparking’s principles haven’t changed much since we were established in Belgium 57 years ago. Even then, we understood that motorists don’t just want a place to leave their car – they want car parks in convenient locations with reliable security and full-service car parking solutions.

After developing our car parking services in Belgium, we expanded to The Netherlands, then Germany and Austria under the name Contipark. Later, France, Italy, Spain and Poland were added to the Interparking family and in 2011 also Romania.

Today, we operate 691 car parks in 335 European cities - that’s 316,116 parking spaces. Just like five decades ago, we’re still in tune with the local communities we serve.

        The future of Interparking

Interparking has also made history in our focus on green issues and hopes to become a 100% carbon neutral company in the future. We’re also dedicated to reducing urban congestion.

Throughout our history, we have listened to our customers and continued to improve our services. Now we serve over 93 million motorists each year.