Our Car Parks

Did you know that, in some urban areas, up to 30% of traffic is caused by motorists looking for a space to park their vehicle?

Interparking’s car parks provide 316,116 spaces across Europe. So you can rest assured that we’re doing our bit to help ease congestion in Europe’s busy cities.

            Car parks to improve mobility


When constructing our car parks, Interparking works closely with local communities to preserve the heritage and character of historic cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome and Berlin.

An essential part of our pledge to alleviate congestion in urban areas is to provide motorists with better access to rail and public transport services. Many of our car parks are situated in key strategic locations, near major railway stations and airport links.

In Germany, our Contipark car parks liaise with railway operator Deutsche Bahn to provide high quality, secure car parks near railway stations.

Interparking in Belgium, France and Contipark also offer P Cards, a system that allows you to enter and exit affiliated car parks without using payment machines. At the end of the month, all fees are charged to your credit card or in a single direct debit invoice.

            An environmentally aware car parking service

By providing better car parks near railway stations and airport links, we’re helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Some of our car parks also offer charging points for electric cars, and we’re hoping to invest heavily in the green credentials of our car parks in the future.