Interparking Overview

Interparking is one of the major players in the European parking field and has earned itself a loyal customer base in a number of key European cities, in the last six decades.

Our strategy, which focuses both on qualitative urban planning as well as managing our parking network optimally, is underpinned by threekey pillars:

> Permanently improving the quality of our services; 
> Providing an innovative array of transport solutions to meet urban challenges;
> Preserving the environment through a responsible company policy.

         Key Figures

Thanks to this approach, the Interparking Group has been able to consolidate its development and reinforce its presence in a total of nine European countries:


All this means that 691 car parks are available to our customers, which equates to 383,088 parking spaces Europewide. 

The Interparking Group is financially sound, with sales revenue exceeding 464 million euros in 2018 and an EBITDA result exceeding 143 million euros.


Interparking is a member of numerous parking associations in Europe and has received a total of 198 European Standard Parking Awards, reflecting the excellence of its products and services. This achievement, which represents more than a third of all such awards issued Europe-wide, is further proof of our credentials and parking expertise.

Our mission: improving urban living experience

At Interparking, we are committed to streamlining transport and tackling congestion in the cities in which we are present in Europe.

Accordingly, our customer-centric approach goes far beyond merely installing quality car park facilities.

As a full-service company, we also offer:

> Car parks positioned right at the heart of public transport networks; 
> Flexible payment arrangements optimally configured to users’ needs; 
> Cutting-edge technologies to help users navigate our car parks; 
> Services geared towards low-pollution and electric vehicles; 
> A warm welcome where real human interaction comes first; 
> Innovative and secure solutions for cyclists; 
> Pricing tailored to the service level.


You'll find a complete overview of our activities in our Activities Report.